For the World our Hearts KNOW is Possible.

Gain the Clarity to Live an Empowered Life.

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Everybody wants to live a Powerful Life, but the complications of this Troubled World hold us down.

We are disillusioned, rushed and uncertain.

Yet in our Hearts, we know a more Beautiful Way if possible. We can feel the Potential within….

The Wisdom Of The Universe Flows Through Us

Are you…

  • Freaked out by what’s happening around you every day?

  • Shocked and dismayed by the fear and anger in the nightly news?

  • Emotionally exhausted and disillusioned by the crazy, messed-up culture we live in today?

Look at this Crazy, Mixed-up World!


As presented by the World News

  • An exclusively negative focus.
  • Creates unbalanced view of worldwide events.
  • Repeated constantly.
  • Widespread disempowerment and despair.
  • Creates despondent habits of thought and emotion amongst the people.


The Media/Expectations of Society

  • A fast paced, competitive world.
  • Exposure to 3,500 adverts a day.
  • Told by the media what to fear and what to want.
  • Repeated constantly.
  • Hurried, distracted, dissatisfied.
  • Constantly searching for the thing.

Close Up

Habitual Thought and Emotion Patterns

  • Reactive mechanical responses to life.
  • Locked in cycles of resentment, fear, self-doubt.
  • Doubt in each other and our world.
  • Repeated constantly.
  • Cynical about life.
  • Miss the wonderous experience of being alive.

Is it any wonder we have this troubled, complicated world today?

Enough Already!

The Aching Pain we feel as we experience the Horrors of Today’s World are because we are intimately connected to each other, to this beautiful planet and to all life.

It hurts to know of the awful things that go on

while feeling so rushed and pressured to survive in our own lives

and unable to make an impact. 

You’re not Alone!

“How did it all go so wrong?” you ask. “I feel so powerless…

Helpless to make a difference… Too insignificant to make an

impact.…HOW ON EARTH can we continue like this?’’

Deep in your heart, you know there has got to be another way.

You know we have the potential for so much more….

Yes! You are so right!

The Wisdom of Life is Pulsing through YOU

(Receive 5 part audio series and workbook)


It’s not just about changing thoughts and beliefs,

It’s about understanding who and what we really are.

Discovering the Inherent Wisdom within.

Looking deeply into Right Now and discovering the Incredible Wonder of each moment.

Create your Awe-dinary life and simultaneously Create a More Beautiful World for All!

There is a Wisdom within you that is the Wisdom of life pulsing though your viens.

It is in your bones and in your cells.

It is the intelligence that creates all life in its wonderous diverse abundance.

This Wisdom is the Knowing in our Hearts that a More Beautiful Way is Possible.

It provides us with an Inner Wisdom Vision .

As we remember that we really are part of this planet,

and listen to and live by that wisdom,

our lives flourish above and beyond what we could have imagined for ourselves.

We start to live in harmony with the flow of life

and naturally Create a World Where Everyone Wins.

Now is the time.

It all starts with a Vision.

”Choose your Grooves”.

The Daily Podcast for Visionaries

Join The Team!

Exchange the ‘News’ of what is breaking down

with Visions of what could grow.

See the change you want to be.

The Dream Team
Finding the Vision
Choose your grooves podcast

Choose Your Grooves

  • We Practice uncovering the Images in our Hearts and Minds, of the More Beautiful World we Know is Possible.
  • Activate the Ancient Blueprint contained within you that tells you that you are Part of all Life.
  • Discover the profound impact it has on your daily life.
  • Watch, as that which at first was a fuzzy picture, becomes clearer.
  • Revel in your changed, joyful life.

Embracing Infinite Possibility, we reclaim our minds to use as the Magical Tools they are.

 We marvel in Gratitude and Humility as that which was only a Dream,is born into Reality.

Good things are coming!


Become a part of the Dream Team

What is at Stake?

Our minds are powerful tools.

To make them work for us we have to guide them.

If we do not, they are guided by the prevailing media culture around us.

The habitual patterns of disempowerment and despair at our world,

get deeper and harder to shift.

This creates our lives and our world.



(Ancient Chinese Proverb.)

The pattern is created and repeated and deepened and ingrained and this is what happens…

The Background

  • Disillusionment grows
  • Feeling of Powerlessness increases
  • Anxiety and stress becomes normal
  • Underlying feeling of not being good enough
  • Habits of thoughts and emotion deepen and become stuck.

The Foreground

  • Relationships suffers
  • Work suffers
  • We become fearful and angry
  • A ‘blame’ culture develops
  • Fear of scarcity
  • Habits of speech and action deepen and become our character.

The Close Up

  • Health suffers
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and depression increases
  • Feeling of Overwhelm
  • Cynical about life
  • Lack of joy in life
  • Habits of life continue. Our destiny is created.

What Destiny Are You Creating?

These are the ingredients for a world where we fear and destroy each other and our home, this earth.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

The pain and shock we feel as we are bombarded by the news can become a source of motivation to make a choice to do things differently.

This is your call to adventure.

Your call to transform your life and in doing so, be a part of the solution to

Create a World Where Everyone Wins.

Say Yes! to the Wisdom within you,

 Make this the new habitual pattern! 

(Receive 5 part audio series and workbook)

Our Success Looks Like This…


  • Realise our Connection to planet and people
  • Feel at home on earth
  • Know you are loved
  • An integral part of life
  • Gain an Inner Dignity


  • Access your inner wisdom
  • Empowered and able to make a difference
  • Ability to deal with how you feel
  • Clarity of thought
  • Relaxed

Close Up

  • Deep joy and appreciation for life as it is right now
  • See the wonder and beauty in everyday life
  • Life is a stream of magical moments
  • You are part of the solution
  • Be the leader of your life

Let the Intelligence that creates

Abundant and Diverse Nature,

guide your life.

I provide a complete framework

to take you from this disillusionment, disempowerment and despair

 to a place of peaceful power and passion where

        You are part of Creating a World Where Everyone Wins.

I understand

  •  If I do not guide this powerful mind, it is guided by the prevailing culture and media around me.
  • The fears and desires repeatedly promoted by the media increase levels of stress and powerless disillusionment.
  • Health and relationships suffer and life becomes increasingly ill and frightening.

I know

  • It is entirely possible to change my life and our world by changing my ways of seeing.
  • As take the choice to nourish my mind and create a better life for me, I am simultaneously contributing to making the World a Kinder, more Beautiful Place for our Children in the Future.
  • This is THE most powerful action I can take to change my life for the better in every single way.

This is my life Now! it is not a rehearsal for another time.

I have the ability to ENJOY IT FULLY!

(Receive 5 part audio series and workbook)