Could it be NOW!?

We all know that a Kinder World Is Possible. We can feel it in our hearts; we want it with our whole beings. And maybe, it can even happen right NOW! Press 'Play' and discover how.....  I would love to know how YOU want to feel; Please comment below...

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Your Heart KNOWS it is Possible, your Mind says ‘how?’

Your Heart KNOWS a Kinder World IS Possible, and your mind says ‘How?’ In the crazy tangle of a world gone horribly wrong, it can seem as if there is no way out. We have tied ourselves so tight in complicated interlinking knots that it can feel as if we have to start...

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The World your Heart KNOWS is Possible

The World Your Heart Knows Is Possible. The media has an incredibly powerful effect on our minds, our lives and the world we create together.  The enormous excess of news of all that is going wrong, is damaging our health, our relationships, and our world. Levels of...

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How To Survive A World Gone Horribly Wrong

Image: yosh-ginsuDaily, hourly, the 'News' reminds us of all that has gone so crazily bad, mad and so very sad in our beautiful, beautiful world. All that is breaking down. All that has gone wrong. Again and again and again and again and again and again and on and on...

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How Puddles become Powerful

How Puddles become Powerful Down the hill from the yurt is a stream. For a long time it has been almost completely dry, the stream bed had become a path. Just a few puddles in the deepest places remain. It is a beautiful wonderful place to walk. A path through...

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Relieving the Pain of this Crazy, Mixed Up World

Relieving the Pain of this Crazy, Mixed-up World Collectively we suffer a tremendous pain from this crazy, mixed up world we have created. The climate, the inequality, the politicains, the normalcy of unkind. It's getting worse, it's getting wild and we are hurting....

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The Power of Pain.

The Power of PainAt the weekend, I suggested to Lila (11 year old daughter) we watch the story of Anne Frank. We have never lived with a TV, I saw it was available on YouTube, I thought I remembered it as a great story, it was pouring with rain, I thought we could...

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Strange Things About Atoms

Strange Things About Atoms   An atom is the smallest constituent unit of matter. The smallest unit of you and me, and everything in this physical world. Scientists discovered a very strange thing.  As they looked closer and closer at an atom in an attempt to...

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It Does What It Says On The Label.

Would you like to be free from the limitations of our current thinking and able to access an infinite source of timeless wisdom? In 1976,  'A Course In Miracles' was published, a year long course of daily contemplations designed to to do exactly that.   On day two,...

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The Wisdom of Life Flows through You.

Connecting to it, is the Longing your Heart cannot forget.

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