Strange Things About Atoms


An atom is the smallest constituent unit of matter. The smallest unit of you and me, and everything in this physical world.

Scientists discovered a very strange thing. 

As they looked closer and closer at an atom in an attempt to understand what it is made of, the less distinct it became. Eventually it disappeared altogether.

Scientists discovered that every atom is made of 99.99999999999999999999999999999% space.

That means every single part of you and me and everything in this physical world is 99.99999999999999% space.

This space is full of energy and information and it connects to the 99.9999% space in all the other atoms in an infinite web of interconnectedness.

The energy of this spaciousness is affected by our states of being, our moods, our emotions.

Each emotion has a specific vibrational frequency that we are continually broadcasting out around us.

This is scientific. Not new age.

It is also ancient wisdom that has been known by yogis for thousands of years.

And Another Strange Thing:

Scientists discovered another strange thing about atoms.

They discovered that the particle part of the atom, the bit of the atom that is actually something and not just space, only appeared while being observed. 

The atom’s particle was literally there one moment and gone the next. It exists only as a possibility, a probability, a tendancy. It exists only when observed!

I will repeat that:

It exists only when observed.

‘The reason they’re here and gone (and then here and gone again all the time) is that all of these particles actually exists simultaneously in an infinite array of possibilities or probabilities within the invisible and infinite quantum field of energy.’ (Dr Joe Dispenza. You Are the Placebo).

So what implications does that have for us?

Having this scientific knowledge puts us in a very powerful position.

We now KNOW that we affect the particles that make up our world according to where we choose to observe them.

We KNOW that we can affect the spacious energetic field of an atom by how we feel.

This means that by employing our imagination and choosing to observe ourselves in a potential future that we prefer, we can literally make the particles that are the matter of the atoms that are us, appear in a different place within the quantum field. They are already there, existing as a possibility, waiting to be observed.

It means that when we observe ourselves in our preferred future, and deliberately imbue this preferred scenario with the energy of the emotion of gratitude (which assumes that that which we are imagining has already happened) we are powerfully creating a new potential world.

This gives us hugely exciting potential.

To learn to use our minds with such precision and direction, is an enormous power and a next step in our evolution as beings on this planet.

It is a practise that I am passionate about.

I imagine a team of millions of people worldwide, focused on cultivating uplifting thoughts, embracing infinite possibility and living inspired lives. People committed and passionate, practising on a daily basis the bringing into existence of a world where everyone has enough, and a planet that we care for.


Changing the world!

Onwards and Upwards.